viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

#edcmooc E-learning and digital cultures week 1

I am enrolled in a free course by the University of Edinburgh, so for a few weeks I will be writing posts about it. (#edcmooc)
This week we are discussing some utopias and dystopias about digital cultures and how they influence on e-learning. To learn about this topic we are working on some short stories.

First story: Bendito Machine III  

This film presents some dramatic social and ecological consequences of technological development. From time to time, the community gets a new artifact from the sky (which gives a sense of divine creation). These machines shape and organize social life, leaving the people in an uncontrolled sequence of events and activities. The film´s characters cannot decide; their free will is eradicated and machines define their goals and their use of time. A solitary subject living in a false community lost in the lack of social contact.
In addition, every time a new machine arrives, the population get rid of the old one generating more waste and environmental damage.
In sum, some words may show us how Bendito Machine III reveals a profound pessimistic dystopia about technology: slavery, solitude, obsolescence and ecological damage. 

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